KODIAK Float Specifications:

Span 45 ft. (13.72 m)
Overall Length 34.2 ft. (11.83 m)
Overall Height 18.4 ft.(5.6 m)
Cargo Door 49.25 in x 49.25 in(1.25 m x 1.25 m)
Engine PT6A-34 (750 shp) @2190RPM
Propeller Hartzell HC-E4N-3P(Y)/D9511FSB
Avionics System Integrated  Garmin 1000
Max. Takeoff Weight. 7255 lb.(3291 kg)
Useful Load 2355 lb. (1068 kg)
Fuel Volume 320 Gallon(1211 L )
Maximum Cruise Speed 157 nm290.8 km /h at 3000 m
Max. Range 1354 km
Endurance Time 6.1 hrs
Rate of Climb 1200 ft. /min366 m /min
Take off run (water) 1658 ft.505 m
Take off over a 50 ft. obstacle (water) 2710 ft.826 m
Landing roll out (water) 1431 ft.436 m
Service Ceiling 20000 ft.6090 m
With optional HC-B3TN-3D(Y)/T10282NS three-blade propellerKODIAK float performance increases 15% to 20%
Rate of climb 1440 ft. /min439 m /min
Take off run (water) 1658 ft.454 m
Take off over a 50 ft. obstacle (water) 2245 ft.685 m



KODIAK 100 float plane offers you:

1. Low operating cost and modification cost - It consumes only 70.3 liters per 30 minutes’ fight tour, more than ten percent lower than competitors; its modification cost over $100000 lower than the closest rivals.

2.Short takeoff and landing capability – under full load condition, it only takes 454 meters to takeoff in water and to Take off over a 50 ft. obstacle in water, it needs 685 meters.

3.Comfort – KODIAK 100 Provides passengers with more movement space of the head and shoulders and makes you feel more comfortable and pleasant. Optional cabin entertainment system and air conditioning system will also upgrade your cabin in comfort.

4.Sturdy and durable, safe and reliable- Our aircraft design is based on revised 55 version, FAR 23. (In fact, it conforms to the standard of version 59 as well). This new revised standard, compare to the old standards in the early 80’s which the rivals conform to, has about more than thousands of improvements, providing more protection and convenience for our customers.

5.Advanced avionic system – Garmin 1000. It effectively lightens pilots’ workload and enhances safety.