SkyView Aircraft Attended ABACE 2015
Date Time:2015-04-29 13:57

SkyView Aircraft Attended ABACE 2015 

The Asian Business Aviation Conference & Exhibition 2015 (ABACE 2015) has proven to be a high value event, attracting entrepreneurs, wealth creators, aircraft-purchase decision makers and high-level attendees from across Asia. It was hold at Shanghai Hawker Pacific Business Aviation Service center at Shanghai’s Hongqiao International Airport from April 14 to 16.  

SkyView Aircraft, as KODIAK 100 the exclusive authorized dealer in Greater China, together with Quest Aircraft Company, the manufacturer of KDOAIK 100 aircraft,  attended this grand event and acquired very delightful achievement. 


Through face to face communication, KODAIK 100, the 10-place single engine turboprop, has successfully gained more attention by industry insider. Moreover, KODIAK 100 was awarded “the most popular aircraft in 2015”on U-Jet board of fame.


About KODAK 100


KODIAK 100, the new standard in 10 place turboprops, shines in applications where there is a need to operate comfortably, even at the edge of the performance envelope. Its rugged construction combines superior STOL performance and high useful load. A 3 panel Garmin G1000 integrated avionics suite including Synthetic Vision Technology is standard equipment on the KODIAK.


The Pratt and Whitney PT6-34 delivers 750shp to handle the flight without breaking a sweat. At touchdown, the KODIAK only needs 705 feet to bring the full gross weight of 7,305 pounds to a stop--even on rough, rumbly, bumpy strips. Its reliability and performance has won good reputation all around the world.


With the global advanced designing philosophy, KODIAK 100 is designed to be a multi-mission aircraft and is qualified to undertake aerial mapping, float operation, commuter, skydiving operations, maritime patrol, agricultural.

One aircraft...many missions.





SkyView Aircraft

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