SVA received a new order of two Kodiak 100
Date Time:2018-04-17 21:06

SVA received a new order of two Kodiak 100

April 17, 2018 15:18, SkyViewAircraft  Industry (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as SkyView Aircraft) and Jiangsu Ruizhong General Aviation Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Ruizhong Aviation) celebrated the KODIAK 100 Aircraft Procurement Signing Ceremony during Shanghai’s Asian Business Aircraft Conference&Exhibition(ABACE2018).

During the ceremony, Mr. Wu Zhiling, President of SkyViewAircraft , and Mr. Liu Yonghua, Chairman of the Ruizhong Aviation company, respectively introduced their companies. SkyView Aircraft President Mr.Wu Zhiling expressed that SkyView Aircraft is not only an aircraft sales company, but is also committed to providing Chinese customers with comprehensive general aviation solutions. Chairman Mr. Liu Yonghua introduced himself as a flight instructor with a very deep enthusiasm for the general aviation industry. He stated that the two KODIAK 100 aircrafts purchased today will be applied and operated for sightseeing, aerial photography and other kinds of business, this will greatly extend the company's business scope. Following the company introductions Mr. Chen, vice president of SkyView Aircraft and Mr. Liu Yonghua, signed the contract together and toasted this important occasion.

SkyView Aircraft, headquartered in Zhenjiang New District Aviation and Aerospace industry Park, is a customer-oriented international general aviation company in China, providing comprehensive aviation services to Chinese customers. SkyView Aircraft is the KODIAK 100 aircraft exclusive authorized dealer in Greater China, and has become the world's largest authorized dealer. SkyView Aircraft Industry base will aim to become the Asia-Pacific region's largest KODIAK 100 aircraft Service Center.

This is the first time for KODIAK 100 to join the ABACE, and it has already attracted many  general aviation friends' attention and interest.

Ruizhong Aviation is a general aviation company mainly scoping in private, commercial pilot license training, sightseeing, aircraft trusteeship and other general aviation operations. Ruizhong Aviation is located in Zhenjiang Dalu General Aviation airport inside Zhenjiang New District Aviation and Aerospace industry Park. Chairman of Liu Yonghua and deputy general manager Han Fei are holders of Chinese civil aircraft Commercial Pilot license and have flight instructor qualifications with a variety of aircrafts flying experience, including Diamond DA40, SR-22, Cessna 172, Cessna 182, Piper PA-28. Their rich flying experience and deep understanding of the general aviation industry will lead their enterprise a sustainable development.

Both the headquarter of SkyView Aircraft and Ruizhong Aviation company are all located in Zhenjiang New District Aerospace industry Park. So it is undoubtedly that the KODIAK 100 aircraft procurement cooperation has become a model of cooperation inside the industrial park, and further strengthen the development of the aviation and aerospace industry park in Zhenjiang. Mr. Xu Lintao, general manager of the Jiangsu Dalu Aviation Industry Development Co., Ltd., also attended our signing ceremony, and together witnessed this memorable moment. He said that he is very happy to see the two companies both located in this industrial park have built closer relationship and become strong alliances.


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